recent librelp development

I thought I share some news on what I have been busy with and intend to be in the future. In the past days, I have added more config options to librelp, which now supports GnuTLS compression methods as well as provides the ability to set the Diffie-Hellman key strength (number of bits) and - for experts - to set the GnuTLS priorities, which select the cipher methods and other important aspects of TLS handling.

This is done now and I also added rsyslog facilities to use these new features. Some of this stuff is not yet released, but will soon be.

The next big step is preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. I will most probably use SSH-type fingerprint authentication, so that no full PKI is necessary to make this work. I guess implementing this feature set will probably take a couple of days and will keep you posted on how things progress.

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